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How GardenEye Landscaping and Project Management works for you


We identify and manage the right people to carry out each part of the project, based on a strict criterion of:

• Experience – have they done this type of work before? With what results?
• Excellence – are they our first choice individual for this work, with a history of satisfied clients?
• Cost – Have we negotiated a reduced rate?
• Suitability – is this actually the right person for this job?
• Reliability – will they turn up on time, with the right equipment?
• Availability – when will they be available to do the work?



By ensuring all of the above, you can be guaranteed to get the best available:

• Garden designers
• Landscape architects
• Craftsmen
• Plantsmen
• Landscapers
• Maintenance gardeners


We manage all these people: their schedule, their tasks, their supplies and equipment, and very importantly their costs: we deal with all invoicing so that you don't have an administrative headache or have to be on site on a daily basis.



We can therefore ensure that we eliminate:

• Endless meetings with different contractors
• Uncertainty about who to use
• Poor quality workmanship and corner cutting
• Use of substandard materials and landscaping methods
• Concern over any hidden costs
• Sudden inclusion of "extras"
• remove as much of the hassle as possible for you, the client, so that you can get on with your life without worrying about what's happening in your garden


In this manner the cost savings delivered to our clients since 2010 are usually in the region of 35%, with no impact on the delivery of the project.

Using GardenEye therefore not only makes your life easier, it saves you money.



GardenEye will therefore:

• Understand your vision and help you to design your garden within your budget (see "The Design Process")
• Provide you with a clear understanding of all the costs involved in the project, before any of the work begins
• Provide you with a clear work plan, so that you know exactly what will happen, when, and at what cost
• Manage and oversee all those who will work on the project
• Support you through the entire process, with the aim of making your life as easy as possible: let us be your independent advisor, project manager and sounding board; in other words, let us take the stress out of the project, allowing you to spend your hard earned time on other things.

"Working with GardenEye is an absolute joy! Eddie is knowledgeable and creative with a
fantastic eye for both maximising the potential of any space and including interesting details.
GardenEye came up with great ideas that I would never have thought of.

GardenEye took care of everything from start to finish and unlike previous experiences, I have nothing but praise for their totally professional approach and hassle-free delivery – if only everyone was as good as GardenEye!

If, like me, you are worried about the stress of undertaking a project,
GardenEye is the answer and you can quote me on that!"

Charlie Beauchamp

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