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Consultancy and Garden Design

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Welcome to GardenEye

Consultancy and Garden Design

Landscaping and Project Management


GardenEye's role and aim is to help you through the garden design processes – everything from a consultation to design, and planting, through to ongoing maintenance work – in a friendly, informative, transparent and professional manner to see your garden project through to completion.



You don't need to get myriad quotes from different contractors: Gardeneye will do all that for you and provide you with one simple transparent quote for all the work. We manage all the contractors involved to ensure that the right work occurs in the right place at the right time at the right price. Crucially, we are completely independent of any contractors or suppliers: we are beholden to no one except you and as such will ensure that we get best people and the best supplies at the best prices.


If you need your garden, woods, lakes, lawns, flower beds, swimming pool or any part of your outside space designed beautifully and considerately, landscaped and built properly, managed efficiently and to budget, all with the likelihood of saving you money, time and hassle, then...


THIS is for you – whatever the size of your garden.


In short, GardenEye acts as your personal independent expert advisor on garden design, delivering excellence whilst saving you money, time and worry. We work with you and help plan, design and create your garden, turning your vision into reality, whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground by using a trusted workforce, all to an agreed budget.


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