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Edward Erith from GardenEye talks about the value of garden consultancy sessions


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Last year I donated a couple of two-hour garden consultancy sessions to two local charities ‘silent’ auctions. As well as being good for the soul, it gave me the chance to advise a couple of families on really improving and looking at their gardens in a way that they might not otherwise have considered. It was a last-minute decision for me to do this and I was expecting one or two tenners to be thrown into the GardenEye ‘bid pool’ – desperately hoping it wouldn’t look to bare. Fortunately, there was fantastic interest and they managed to raise £500 – so many thanks to all those that bid.


That got me thinking. Many people accept their garden for what it is, but have an instinctive hunch that it could be a lot better, but are unsure:


a) How to change it

b) What it is likely to cost if they do?

c) If it is right for them, the house and their garden


I now see garden consultations as a core part of my business, because it is so incredibly useful! Why?


Because looking at the same thing every day, one can become blinded by the norm. Often important characteristics in our own garden that are right under our noses, begging to be exploited, can be missed. It could be a view, a change in driveway emphasis, a style or type of patio, a new border, removal of an old one … the consultation gives fresh impetus and perspective to the garden.


I like to quiz my clients on what they really want a garden for, how long they are realistically going to be living there and what they are realistically prepared to spend on the garden, as well as the cost it may require for its upkeep.


In my 20 years in design and horticulture, I’ve found that there is a degree of nervousness to committing to a garden consultation – often a fear of looking ignorant, but mainly because it’s a fear of changing the status quo. What should stay? What should go? Change – even with small alterations – is so often the very biggest hurdle to creating something delightful for yourself, and often all it takes is for someone else to confirm what you already know.


I’m always thrilled to view and consult on new gardens. Each one is different and offers something intriguing, but my golden rule is remembering that it’s YOUR garden: you’re the one who’ll be watering the veg, weeding the border, mowing the lawn, enjoying the riot of colour and sipping a glass of wine as the sun sets. So I need to understand you and then explore the garden and the setting, for it all to work. Give me your grand scheme and I’ll see if I can make it possible. But beware: if something really needs to be taken out or changed, however familiar you are with it, I’ll tell you!


So there we have it, garden consultancy. I really would recommend one of our informal sessions to everyone who has a garden; a second opinion on what’s going on in your garden before you seek to change it really is no bad thing.


The GardenEye consultation offers sound advice based on all your circumstances and desires, in a report with likes and dislikes, recommendations for the garden, ideas of plans and budgets moving forward and ideas on how to get it all done.


GardenEye is fully independent. We have no formal ties with designers or landscapers and therefore we have no inclination to over-promote or sell a product or idea.


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