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Garden Refresh

Simple, affordable ideas to improve your property if you are thinking of selling - Small changes make a big difference


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Before and After Photographs


GardenEye's landscape renovation or "Garden Refresh" plan spruces up the outside while you tidy up inside, making the entire property attractive to potential buyers. We focus on the choice of plant materials and their arrangement around the house, as well as putting life back into driveways and walkways, fencing and furniture.


It's still a tough market out there, but an investment in a Garden Refresh plan allows you to:

• Encourage more potential buyers to view the property
• Turn a headache you have neither the time or inclination to deal with over to the professionals
• Create the impression of a well-loved and cared for home
• Legitimately increase the asking price, usually over and above the cost of the garden improvements
• State that the property has been professionally landscaped
• Increase the overall property value


Big changes make a huge difference


Garden before refresh imageGarden after refresh image 2

Before and After Photographs
The process is the same as for our other work, but it will be accelerated and there will be an increased sense of urgency to carry out the work; the tasks to be completed will be chosen to maximise the "wow" factor for potential buyers.
The quickest and easiest ways to do this are as follows:

• Add colour through interesting plant combinations
• Add suitable outdoor furniture and accessories to help create a picture of the potential buyer's lifestyle
• Remove or add trees and shrubs to increase light or shade. Enhance unused views
• Relocate, rejuvenate or add new planting beds
• Improve access to and around the outside of the house with pathways
• Downplay less attractive on-sire features with strategic screening and design arrangement
• Clean and repair or install fences, decks, pergolas, arbours etc
• Repair or install irrigation systems, water features and lighting
• Create aesthetic and practical locations for dustbins
• Remove rubbish and abandoned or unwanted materials
• Arrange for scheduled maintenance to keep your property looking top-notch until you achieve your sale


The inside of your house might look fabulous, but if potential buyers see an unkempt and unloved garden, at the very least they will be thinking of putting in a reduced offer, and the thought of the work involved might cause them to drive right by.


Put the same amount of effort into your garden as you have done for your house

 • 89% of houses with a presentable garden and a welcoming appearance sell faster
• 100% return on investment in gardening and landscaping work prior to the sale of a property (Customer Feedback questionnaire)
• Do this before you get the estate agents in, and you can typically add 2-5% to the value of your property


  • Garden before reresh image 3This garden (and house) was designed with a new patio and steps.
  • Before and After Photographs

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