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Garden Design, Planning, Delivery
and Consultations

drawing courtyard proposalGardeneye has evolved from a design and occasional project management company into an organisation that delivers the entire product: Consultations, design, planning, delivery and maintenance. When you ask for our help, whether it be the redesign of a small garden, a complete overhaul of a 5 acre Victorian jungle or the solution to an errant water feature, lake or moat, we will hold your hand from the first meeting to the delivery of your dream garden.


This process can take some time, depending on the size of the garden, but the process is the same regardless of size:


Consultation and Proposal

Garden design - old place steps before imageGarden design - old place steps after image

This is your chance to tell us your vision (if you have one) and our chance to get an understanding of not only the scope of the project but also you and your tastes, likes and dislikes and the historical vagaries of the existing garden area.
• An initial consultation costs from £75 –. This fee covers travel costs, our time and a report. The consultation will be an informal meeting to walk and talk through the whole project where ideas and assessments are traded.. The report will include our thoughts about the garden as discussed on site and the many ideas that have come out after the consultation, the next steps forward and the design possibilities. We have had a fantastically positive response to these consultations as an excellent starting point for a project.
• We will take photographs and make notes of any outstanding features in your garden and try and ascertain an initial feel for your budget so that we can provide you with a sensible proposal for a design that will meet your aspirations.
• After this initial consultation we decide between us whether to progress to the next stage: you need to have confidence in us, and we need to know that you are committed to the project.

Topographical Survey

Topographical garden design planNothing is more important than understanding the lie of the land:

For medium and large gardens, and for all gardens on a slope or with water such as lakes, ponds and streams we will conduct a professional survey; this will provide us with essential level detailing. Designs will not be started until the topographical survey has been completed.

The survey will provide the following sort of detail:

• Drainage, and the flow of water across the top of the soil or grass

• Type of soil and its condition

• Prevailing wind direction and protection offered from the wind and noise

• The aspect of the sun's path in all seasons, to identify the maximum light and shade

• The exact location of existing plants, trees and features such as walls and patios

• Existing views and the encroachment of potential structures, including those items that we wish to hide

• Potential views

• The ability to determine soil adjustment, replacement and removal

• Step placement and terrace formation.


All this needs to be mapped and listed within existing land planning regulations before we can begin the design phase as it will provide the template for all future work. It really is essential. It will not only provide a permanent record of your property's landscape but is a vital tool in helping to accurately estimate costs and as a detailed guide for the installation teams.

Outline design

Drawing - Barnden garden conceptHaving identified any potential problems and likely solutions from the survey we can now provide you with an outline or concept design for your garden. At this stage you may have provided us with a clear enough vision that we can go straight to the final design, but this will be very much project dependent.

The outline plan will include such features as stone walls, walks, drive and parking areas, lawns, pools, perennial bed placement, shrubs, trees and groundcovers if required. The key is to get the bones of the garden in the right place and to provide you, the client, with a clear enough picture that you can now properly envisage sitting in your new garden with a glass of wine as the sun drops below the horizon.

At this stage we will be able to give you a good feel for the budget required for your garden, so this is a critical Decision Point:

•  Proceed to the Final Design based upon the Outline Design, or

•  Make changes to the Outline Design in order to reflect a change in budget or ideas, or

•  Proceed no further

Final Design

Drawing - cherry orchard garden imageOnce we have agreed the Outline Design we will be able to go into much greater detail, providing you with a Final Design which will include detailed drawings and plans. For large projects there may be a Final Design for each aspect of the garden.

Once this final design has been agreed with you we will discuss an outline of the likely costs and timelines. Once we are both satisfied with this we will deliver a formal costed proposal.

Planting Plans

Garden drawing plan - combemale imagePlanting plans are priced for separately and will be done when the borders and bed positions are firmly established. During the concept plan phase planting schemes and ideas will be constantly considered while designing. Planting plans and plant lists, if done properly, do take a considerable amount of time but is invariably the last thing to be done in the landscaping process. GardenEye can offer some fantastic rates for plants through our network of plant wholesalers.

Master Plan

Garden design master plan imageThe combination of all the plans (for a larger garden) is then put together to make a whole. Often these are of such a scale that it is best for the planting plans to remain separate.

Drawing Techniques

The drawing plans shown throughout this page reflect the drawings you will receive. At GardenEye we have produced a method of drawing that is highly practical and offers excellent value for money. Each drawing is easily adjustable to save on cost redrawing if alterations are required. Often the scale of the garden is of such a size that CAD (Computer Assisted Design) drawings are neither cost efficient nor practical. GardenEye drawings are in effect simple, detailed and highly practical: they are designed to be shown clearly and to be easily translated by both clients and contractors. They are not pretending to be a pretty picture but a practical design, although paintings and pictures are often commissioned to show specific features within the design.


2 pond before excavationOnce you are satisfied with the Final Design, we will create a detailed Quotation: this will include information on what needs to be done, with a breakdown quote for each area.


court lodge courtyard garden beforecourt lodge courtyard garden after

Once the Quotation has been accepted, we agree a start date; you then sit back whilst our proper hard work begins. Throughout the Delivery stage we have regular meetings to explain what is happening and to discuss any changes that might need to be made: unlike building a house, turning a garden design into a finished garden will always throw up the occasional unforeseen event – the trick is to identify this as soon as possible.

Our design work, through Gardeneye Design, is invoiced without VAT.


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"Edward has created outdoor solutions for us on a consistent basis over the years and continues to produce outstanding, beautiful and creative work. His passion and expertise ensure that the final outcome is something that both he and his clients are truly proud of."

Marcelo Ulvert


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